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solo travelling tips

Interested in solo travelling? Planning for a long trip? Researching for tips on solo Travelling? Stop further research. You are in the exact place.

Here we bought very important tips from the experiences of many Solo Travellers for you.  Let me share them without any delay.

Choose your destination with good research before planning your trip.


Your looks shouldn’t be only in places where you are going to visit. They should also be on the following non-neglectable points as well. let me open them for you. Make sure the Transport facilities and the Condition of the roads are good in the place where you are planning to go.

Opt the Hotel there, only after going through all the reviews posted by the people who have already experienced it before. Get to know the best Hospital near the place where you are planning to lodge, Just in case? Enquire for the Climate conditions at the place for the next few days down the line. Sort down the best tourist places there and plan your days accordingly.


Don’t carry any valuable items like Expensive Jewellery, Certificates etc…

Anyway, you need to carry few valuable things like DSLR Camera, Passport, Wallet etc.. To carry all these along with a little snack and Medicines you need a side bag.

If you carry valuable items which are unnecessary like Expensive Jewellery, Family heirlooms, Certificates, laptops, etc.. you may need to carry a back bag which you can not carry throughout the day. If you rest yourself putting it aside, there is a high chance of losing it. If it happens to lose even any of them, it counts as value.

This definitely costs your enjoyment and change your mood. So, carry only the things which you feel necessary.


Maintain secret Money

Did you ever hear the proverb “Never lay all the Eggs in a single basket?” If something happens to that basket, all the eggs will go into the trash. The same applies here as well. Never put all your money in the same place. If something goes wrong, you will be left with empty hands. So, be wise to put your money in different places like Bank (ATM), Pocket, Bag etc.. Play a safe game.


Never drink alcohol outside the roof

alcohol under roof

The place which you are planning to move is an obviously unknown place. You may not probably know anyone there. If you drink outside the roof, apparently you will be at risk. Have fun outside and have a Hot drink inside. One thing we all should remember is “Never drink in the daytime” It is because of two reasons. First one is you will lose a whole day of enjoyment and the second one is you may not be aware of yourself and your surroundings. Be very careful while you are drinking.


Prepare for the worst

When I say prepare for the worst, it means you should be ready to hit any awful situation which comes to you. If you are ready to face the worst, trust me you will be ready to hit any situation.


Spend the extra money to stay safe

Your life is more valuable than anything else in the world. Never make a mistake of spending more money on everything else but, on your safety. The money which you have has to be spent on your enjoyment. Enjoyment, without you being safe is meaningless. Be safe and have a safe journey.


Get insurance for your Travel

Travel Insurance written on sand at beach

We never know what life is gonna through on us next. Even if we are in conscious, sometimes we may not guess what is going to come to us. Isn’t it?

It is always better to be prepared for everything. If you are interested in solo trading, take a travel insurance. Then the ball will be in your hands.

Travel insurance is availed for both international and domestic travel. It is not only for medical coverage and medical evacuation. It also includes various other aspects such as trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, lost baggage, loss of passport, personal liability, emergency cash advance etc..


Start every day a bit early in your trip

Every second of your trip is very important. The early you get up, the more time you will have in your hands. Never give up in enjoyment. The ultimate goal of the trip is to have as much fun as you can. To be frank, do the opposite of what we usually do- leave the bed early and hit the bed late, at least for a few days that you are going to spend on the trip.


Try to do something new every day which you have ever done it before

Here is the simple logic. If you do something which you have ever done before, you’ll never forget the trip in your life. you’ll be left will a lot of memories to share with your buddies. Every different thing you do will introduce you to a different person in you. This develops self-confidence in you. Your perspective towards everything will change. At the end of the day when you return back, you will be a different person altogether.  Trust me, this is out of my experience.


Capture every moment of your trip


Nothing can capture with a great clarity than our naked eye. But we can not feed every pinpoint in our brains for the rest of our lives. Actually, the concept of Capturing every moment of your trip is to see a spark in your face when you look at them after a long time. You’ll feel proud to show the adventures which you have done, to the people who never thought of you doing them.


Keep sharing your Photos and videos with your friends and family members.

Your friends and family members are the ones who always think of your happiness. Sharing your Photos and Videos will make them happy. Frequent sharing of photos/videos make them feel that you are safe there.




  • Do not Drunk and Drive
  • Don’t talk on the phone while driving
  • Beware of your accessories and your surroundings
  • Don’t trust people too quickly
  • Do not place all your Money in the same place.

“Have a safe and joyful journey ever”.

Solo traveling tips


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