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7 Points to Keep in Mind when you Book your Hotel in Mysore City

Points to keep in mind when you book a hotel in mysore city

When was the last time you booked a hotel offline? Maybe a while! This could be due to the lack of options we get when we head directly to a hotel and book a room. The only reason one would do booking directly at the hotel is when you are a regular at the place or when you have got a trustworthy recommendation from your friends or family. Booking offline hotels is considered old school nowadays simply because of the options of exploring and checking reviews of the hotel to stay beforehand. Even offline bookings are usually done with a few rounds of background research online. The hassle of finding the best priced hotel is one of the main concerns every tourist faces. Often finding the cheapest hotel comes with a wave of disappointment due to lack of amenities.

While you’re trying to solve this travellers puzzle to buy your escape, let me give you 7 points to keep in mind when you book your hotel in Mysore city.

The difference between cheap and value for money

value for money

The first thing most tourists (including myself) do, the minute they decide their potential location is check for a hotel in Mysore city online and put a price filter from low to high. Often this method works for tight budget, last minute plans but the price you pay for this might be once you experience the amenities provided. It is always better to go for a value for money hotel rather than a low priced one to have a smooth stay.

Often people have experiences where the cheap priced ones have hidden charges for basic facilities which can make you regret once you begin your stay there. To avoid regret later, while packing your bags to a location like Mysore, it is best to look for an affordable hotel in Mysore city with luxurious amenities to make your stay a complete value for your money. Compromising on amenities for budget and later paying for them can have an adverse effect and could end up ruining your happy trip.



Many a time, you would easily find a hotel that is actually affordable and value for your money with world class amenities as stated above. But quite often, these are located far away from the top tourist spots in the city you are visiting. The location of the hotel plays a vital role in saving time when you are on your tight tourist schedule. Finding a hotel at a central location also reduces the hassle of travel and can leave some extra bucks in your pocket which was supposed to be cab money for city travel. The transportation savings can now be put to better use by shopping souvenirs for loved ones back home.

Spotting the right hotel located at a prime location in the city with good accessibility to tourist locations as well as public transport can cut down strenuous hopping between places. Especially if you’re not on a long holiday, choosing a hotel in Mysore city less accessible from famous tourist attractions will make you have to miss out on a few tourist spots due to time constraint even while burning a good amount on conveyance charges.


Medical assistance

Medical Assistance

The importance of medical assistance comes under one of those things that may sound unnecessary but just cannot be highlighted enough. When in a new city, it is a must to make sure that the hotel you are booking has a doctor on call facility available. Being a tourist, to ensure that your trip does not end as a horror story, before booking, you must always opt for hotels with this facility. You would not want to go hunt for a good hospital or doctor in a new city, upon the event of an unanticipated medical emergency or even just a bad stomach upset. To ensure peace of mind, this is very necessary especially when travelling with children and senior citizens. Having medical assistance leaves you assured that you are in safe hands.


Safe Deposit Lockers

Carrying valuables, expensive jewellery, passports or hard cash is always a no-no once you reach your destination. There has to be an option of keeping your valuable belongings safely in the hotel room while you are away. Safe deposit lockers that are password protected or key locked are the best to ensure that the hotel staff do not meddle with your valuables. Carrying just what is necessary be it cash or ornaments is always a good idea when in a new place.


Complimentary breakfast


To kickstart the day in a fresh mood and get yourself pumping with energy, a mere coffee or tea would not suffice. In the early hours when your stomach is growling for some scrumptious breakfast, it may not be a good idea to start hunting for a restaurant also. Hotels that understand that breakfast needs to be provided complimentary with the stay are the best of their kind. Kings Kourt provides a variety for the most important meal of the day to get your body to full charge.


In house laundry with same day laundry service

Laundry service

Sometimes managing your sweaty clothes is a slight pain while travelling. and may end up making your luggage a smelly one. Many prefer to stay in hotels with in-house laundry services to look their finest in their vacation photos. With same day laundry in Kings Kourt, you will not have to worry about a delay in getting your attire for the next day.


Complimentary Wi-Fi to stay connected

Over the recent times, Wi-Fi has slowly turned into a sort of basic amenity. After a fun filled day at Mysore, you would want to share your moments with your loved ones or on social media. Working professionals have this amenity in their must have checklist before booking to stay updated with their important work related email.

The above tips, if kept in mind while booking can ensure that you have a joyful trip in a city like Mysore. But why worry so much when there are hotels like Kings Kourt that not only provides more than all of the above categories but also within your budget!  So don’t think twice, it is time to head to this beautiful hotel in Mysore city already!