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7 Reasons why you should book your Hotel near Mysore Zoo

Reasons why you should book your Hotel near Mysore zoo

If you shrink down the list of things to do in Mysore to a top three, the Mysore zoo will make it to the list. Mostly right below Mysore palace, if not a tie between the two. These two are a must visit for every person that visits Mysore on a holiday. There are umpteen reasons to book your hotel near Mysore palace to have a gala time. Although the famous Mysore palace is the most beautiful during the festival of Dusshera, the Mysore zoo doesn’t fail to impress during most time of the year. So why not just book a hotel a stone’s throw away from the Mysore zoo.


The zoo is located in the city of Mysore, which is the second largest after Bangalore, in the state of Karnataka. It is also one of the cleanest cities in India. With cultural heritage dating back to the 13th century, Mysore has much to offer in terms of history. Also known as the Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens officially, this 157 acre zoo is also one of the oldest and most popular zoos in India. The ingenious German garden designer Gustav Hermann Krumbiege is the main brain behind this beautiful zoo. Another well known work of his is the famous Lal bagh Botanical garden in Bangalore. The expansion and landscaping, which was done later was given to Australian national called Mr. Huge. 


History of Mysore Zoo

Initially the Mysore Zoo was created in 1892 on 10 acres of the summer palace of Maharaja Sri Chamaraja Wodeyar (the king whom the zoo was named after) which has been expanded over the years. The Karanji Lake which covers an area of 77.02 acres is also a part of the zoo. This lake was taken over by the zoo in the year 1976. The zoo has managed to bring millions of smiles in its 126 years of operation. With an exciting array of animals to see – including tigers, lions, gorillas, pelicans, crocodiles and giraffes – everyone from a bunch of kids on a school trip to nature loving adults will cherish each moment at the  Mysore Zoo.


Timings and Cost

On a typical day, the zoo gate opens  at 8 AM in the morning and closes by 5:30PM in the evening. The zoo is however not functioning on Tuesdays as it is open on Sundays. So do ensure that you don’t plan your trip around that day. The entry fee is Rs 60 on saturdays, sundays and holidays for anyone above the age of 12. On all other days they will be charged Rs 50 for entry. For children between 5 – 12 yrs, the charge is Rs 20. Children below the age of 5 are let in for free. Carrying a still Camera will be charged at Rs 20 and taking a video camera along would cost Rs 150.


Fauna at Mysore Zoo

The zoo has a incredibly successful breeding program with animals from more than 40 countries. There are also many native Indian animals. These include the Royal Bengal tigers, white tigers, elephants, Himalayan black bear, giraffe, white peafowl etc. Many of the animals are adopted by individuals, celebrities, institutions and animal lovers. This will mean that they will have to bear the expenses for welfare of the animal. Many well known celebrities including Anil Kumble have adopted animals in the Mysore zoo. The zoo also has a reptile section which houses the King cobra, pythons and other species of snakes.The entire zoo could be covered in a walking distance of around 3-4 kms. On having a leisurely walk and enjoying the view, one can cover the entire zoo in about 3 hours of time.

Below are some animals and birds to look out for at the Mysore zoo:



According to the zoo inventory, as of 2018 January, the Mysore zoo possesses five chimpanzees. These animals are wonderful to watch and can make you marvel at their clever tricks. Considered to be one of those genius animals, they are part of the family Hominidae (the great apes) which includes gorillas, orangutans and us humans. It must truly be wonderful to see family with your family! The zoo also housed India’s only Gorilla which passed away in 2014. The baboons, common Indian langur and the Brazil origin marmoset monkey are also some of the notable members of the family there.

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Big cats:

The big cats are one of the main reasons people visit zoos. They love to watch the big cats which is not a usual sight. Other than the lions, tiger, cheetah and jaguars, they also have the not-so-popular smaller cats like the jungle cat, leopard cat, Common Palm Civet and Small Indian Civet. The zoo also houses a beautiful white tiger which is a sight to cherish.

Big Cats
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Large mammals:

The elephant, the most elegant animal is seen in both Asiatic and African habitats, breed in the Mysore zoo. Although the Asiatic elephant is widely seen in parts of India, the African elephant is a rare sight to see. Other large mammals like the gaur, one-horned rhinoceros and the hippopotamus also should not be missed when visiting the zoological garden. The rare one-horned rhinoceros are only 2 in number in the zoo and is definitely a must see.



A bridge, in between the massive aviary built for the birds, is made for the visitors to walk and get a close view of the birds. In the calm atmosphere, it is not an everyday sight to watch uncommon birds like the Painted Stork,  Peacocks, colorful Flamingos, Pelican, Cranes, etc. Seeing the white peacock is also a rare and marvelous sight.


The Mysore zoo is definitely going to be extremely soothing for your eyes and is sure to get your camera memory full. Be sure to book a hotel close to the Mysore Zoo to avoid losing time travelling within the city.

So make sure your body and camera batteries are full to make the most out of it. While you are there, you can also take a peaceful stroll at the Karanji lake and can head to other top destinations in Mysore around the zoo. 

Where to stay

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