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10 Tips For Travelers to Have The Best Hotel Experience

Kings Kourt - Tips to Have great hotel experience

Travel has become an inherent part of most of our lives. Most of us love to travel and visit a new place or city at least once every few months. Be it for official purpose or for leisure, accommodation plays an important role in every tour you plan. Our complete travel agenda revolves around accommodation and we would always want to make sure that we book a room in the perfect hotel. We generally have our travel checklist to make our stay super smooth but a few tips can add a few more checkboxes to that list.

In our previous blogs 5 Tips for Choosing & Booking a Hotel Online we wrote about how to select and book a hotel online. Today we are going to help you to with tips and tricks which can help you make your hotel stay the best experience.




The most painful part about traveling is the luggage packing part. Much hassle goes around folding all your clothes while making space for other necessary travel items and toiletries. To avoid this hassle and to save much more time and space, it suggested to roll your clothes instead of folding while packing. You will be surprised at how much space you have saved by using this trick. This also helps in unpacking once you reach your hotel as you can easily spot which attire you are planning to wear.


Important documents, cash and jewelry :

Most people will be carrying some sort of important documents or hard cash with them while traveling. It could be your passport or any document that you just can’t afford to lose. To make sure your peace of mind, you will need to be sure that these can be kept safely in your hotel room. It is best to not carry your passports, important documents or excess cash with you when you step out of the hotel room. An unforeseen loss of your bag or theft can leave you stranded.  It is highly important that the hotel you book has a security locker facility.


Early check-in:

Early check in

If you are traveling abroad and your flight lands few hours before your check-in time, then you can always call and check at the hotel desk if you can check in early. If they have rooms available, you can go and take rest at the hotel directly, at a minimal extra charge.


At the counter:

Who likes to wait unnecessarily?  whenever you reach the hotel make sure you keep your photo ID and the cash/card handy. This will help you to check-in process faster and get your room.


Travel assistance:

If you haven’t planned your itinerary, or have decided to do an impromptu sightseeing trip, it is not always a good idea to step onto the road and then decide where you are headed. Popular tourist destinations around the city and nearby the hotel are always known by the hotel staff or receptionists. Be sure to ask for travel assistance at the reception to get help on planning a quick itinerary covering most of the major tourist destinations in and around the hotel location.


Currency exchange:

Currency Exchange

Many tourists traveling to a foreign country, exchange their currency required for travel at the airport itself. It  is known that they will be getting a lesser rate at the airport than back at their home country. Some however prefer to directly withdraw it from their debit or credit card. While this might work at most ATMs, the conversion rate provided is at a significantly low rate when withdrawn from an ATM.  This should only be opted only during emergency situations. Hotels that provide currency exchange within the hotel itself turn out to be a boon for travelers who might have a sudden need for cash but when there aren’t any exchanges available nearby.


Complimentary upgrade:

Hoteliers always over oversell standard or budget rooms just to be on the safer side and meet the sales targets. Even if you haven’t signed up for any membership, you can always check at the desk for complimentary upgrade available. Don’t hesitate to ask for it because it will be a great experience if you get a chance to stay in luxury suite at a cheaper price.


Make your room a party:

Sometimes your little vacation just suddenly turns into a party but lack of speakers in your shouldn’t stop you from enjoying music.  You will not regret forgetting to pack your portable speakers with this ingenious hack. Slide your phone into an empty, drinking glass at a room to instantly amplify your music. This could also be used as a wake-up alarm in the case you need to wake up early for an important meeting the next day.


Use the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign:

When you stay in a hotel make sure you put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door before going to sleep. No one likes to get disturbed while sleeping. Also, the housekeeping team starts cleaning rooms early in the morning so make sure to use the tag and enjoy your dream. The sign is thus kept to avoid unnecessary disturbances by hotel staff.

Do not Disturb


Check out tips

When you want to check out from the hotel make sure you pack your luggage and then inform the reception about it. Once you inform the hotel staff about the check out hotel staff will assist you with the checkout formalities. They will check the room once and then you can go to the reception counter. They will also help to take your luggage out.This will ease out your checkout process. In case you will be in town for a few hours after the check out time, you can always request the hotel staff to keep the luggage in the lobby while you can come back and pick it.


These are the basic but the important tips which every traveler should keep in mind before checking in any hotel to get the best possible experience.

Mysore is one of the most sought out destinations for backpackers hailing from abroad or Indians looking to experience their vast unexplored heritage. An earlier blog, 5 tips to have a fabulous mini vacation in Mysore could be used as your bible for a fantastic Mysore holiday. The above tips are sure to come in handy but on arriving at Kings Kourt Hotel, you are sure to enjoy your stay at Mysore.